send me a character and I’ll tell you one thing I have in common with them

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guys, sorry i’m not sorry for the sheer amount of sleepy hollow that will get reblogged this upcomming tv season. MY SHOW IS BACK!


Ichabod, you’ve been apart from her for like two hours, and you showed more excitement to see her than you did to see you un-dead “witch” wife after 200 years. 

You’re also showing more urgency for getting Abbie out of Purgatory, which I appreciate. 

The West Wing premiered 15 years ago today ● September 22, 1999

Important intelligence analysis


Headcanon: Abed only got his job at SHIELD as a spousal benefit when they recruited Troy for their gadgets division

Evidence, incontrovertible: When everything else in Fury’s car was broken, what was still 100% operational? THE AIR CONDITIONING.

Bunny, related: Abed meets Sam while visiting Troy in the hospital and explains to him, scene by scene, why he is definitely the lead in a romcom, not the sidekick in an action movie.


mako mori is the cutest


mako mori is the cutest


Cutest german shepherd puppies EVER!